Losing someone you love can cause immense emotional suffering. There is no correct way to move through the grieving process; healing is an individual experience that often leaves grievers feeling alone or misunderstood. For some clients I work with, the loss of a loved one causes them to awaken to their own spiritual journey and seek a deeper spiritual connection to their loved one in the Spirit World. Many have felt, sensed, heard, and seen signs they feel are from specific loved ones. Psychic Lauren is helping her clients to restore that connection with the desist relevant through practicing mediumship.

Here are 17 powerful affirmations to grow your self-confidence:


1. I trust myself to make decisions.


2. I have joy in my heart and allow it to flow through me.


3. I give myself permission to outgrow what no longer serves me.


4. I am creating a life I love.


5. I am whole, healthy, and loved as I am.
6. I trust that those who share my vision will find me.


7. My creative thoughts flow freely into tangible goals.


8. I speak with intention, my words hold power.


9. I am discovering new ways to create abundance daily.


10. I am a confident advocate for myself.


11. I make decisions that elevate me.

 12. I am capable of feeling calm, peaceful, and ease.

13. I have all the tools necessary to heal myself.

14. I give myself the care and attention that I deserve.

15. I trust that what is meant for me will naturally be in harmony with me. I let go of what is not.

16. I trust that my journey is leading to a brighter place.

17. I am evolving. I change my mind as many times as I need to wit

 Your deceased loved ones are often around you and wish to communicate with you. According to a New York Times poll, a majority of Americans - 57% - say they believe in psychic phenomena such as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), telepathy, or experiences that can’t be explained. This has increased in recent years - now more than ever, people are seeking out psychic mediums to connect with their deceased loved ones for healing and peace of mind.

   There is no set time period after losing a loved one that you can begin receiving signs from them. When my grandmother passed a few years ago, I saw an image of her pop up in my peripheral vision. She was looking young and healthy and she said “whoop-de-doo!” This was a common playful phrase she threw around that could mean anything from hello, goodbye, or come have a seat by me. Upon experiencing this, I called my mom to let her know and she confirmed that yes, my grandmother who had been in the hospital for months had just passed.

If you don’t feel you are receiving signs from your passed loved one right away, that's nothing to worry about. I communicate with the desist people through my mediumship sessions.